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DAVID is working on projects that Hold potential for the global community.

With many of these projects being located in different areas, David has to travel frequently. He is also invited to teach in many locations. David is researching and developing new ways to bring these projects to life with the limited materials we have available. At this time David is the only one who is actually building these projects, often making the tiny components and individual pieces by hand. This takes alot of time.

David could use help with:

  • Support for living expenses (rent, heat, electricity, phone, vehicle, food etc.)

  • Travel expenses (many times he is not paid to travel or speak, although sometimes there are honorariums offered)

  • Tools & Equipment (David builds many of his own tools which is very time consuming. If he had better tools, he would be able to work much faster and efficiently)

  • Materials to build the projects.

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If you wish to support David so he can continue, these are a few ways we have set up currently.

Here is how you can help:

  • Send a Donation directly to David through Paypal

  • Become a Patron and make a pledge for monthly donations on his new Patreon page. He will be adding videos and updates there on the technology projects.

  • Donate & Share the Gofundme for Living Expenses

  • All sales on his Website LonebearsArts go directly back to him for living expenses and back into the science program.

Thank you so much, we are very grateful to the community for supporting David and the furthering of these teachings and technologies!

Or reach out to one of the volunteers by emailing davidlonebearsanipass@gmail.com