Sweetgrass Flute with Intricate Wood Inlay

Sweetgrass Flute with Intricate Wood Inlay


Hand carved Mi'kmaq Traditional Native Flute made with lightening struck cedar and inlayed with walnut. Intricate wood inlay work. This is made by hand, and only hand tools made by David have been used. He does not use machinery to make these flutes.

These are custom made, so once it is ordered David designs the flute specifically for you. So each flute is one of a kind. All flutes are custom made, please allow plenty of time for David to make this for you.


"I have been making and playing Native American flutes since I was 8 years old. My Grandfather taught me how to carve flutes at the age of nine. As a child, I would sit with him for hours to watch and ask questions about the art of flute carving. It can take from 5 to 20 hours to carve a flute. I harvest all the wood and make many of the tools myself. I do not use any power machinery. I use mostly lightning struck white cedar. Once the cedar tree is struck by lightning, the wood crystallizes. It is this result that gives the finished flute a unique sound and tone. I also make a "sweetgrass" flute. This is traditionally a Grandmother's or woman's flute. While this flute is played, the player as well as the listener is soothed by the light fragrance of "sweetgrass" with each note."

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This flute is a handmade traditional flute. No machinery is used to make this flute. David has handcrafted his own tools including hand forged knives, crooked knives, and draw shave which he uses to carve and attune the flute. It is a ceremony to build one of these. It is made from lightening struck cedar, picked by the hand of the creator. That means that the cedar tree was struck by lightening which crystallizes the wood. It is very hard to find the lightening struck cedar. The scale is not a regular scale, it is scaled by the universe.