David Lonebear Sanipass is a Native American Elder and storyteller from the Mi'kmaq Nation. He is a mathematician, scientist, traditional storyteller, master flute maker, and Star Teachings Archivist.

David spent the first 26 years of his life being taught by over 600 elders who traveled from around the world to his Mountain in northern Maine. He shares teachings from ancient copper scrolls which have been dated to more than 20,000 years old.

As a scientist, he has sent balloons into space that collect data from the atmosphere.

Earlier in his life, David traveled across the U.S. and Canada by foot sharing the teachings his elders and the ancients gave to him, the Star Teachings. He has been traveling and teaching the Star Teachings for over 42 years.

David has also traveled and spoke on stage as a motivational speaker, and spoke to upwards of 62,000 people at one time in Charlotte, North Carolina and almost had the record for the longest standing ovation for his motivational speaks. His words have inspired many across the globe.

Since his last private meeting with the Dalai Lama, David has been sharing the message, "One Voice, One People." This message was first brought forward in a play at the Actor's Studio in Newburyport, Massachusetts to share the prophecy stories that David holds and how those tied in with the Eastern Spiritual Leader.

David spoke at 7 Speaks in 2012 in Portland, Maine to share the Star Teachings for the first time publicly with a non-native audience. Since those teachings were shared, the local community members were so inspired, they formed the Star Teachings Society, a non-profit organization to help bring this message to a global audience, with the vision being 7 million people looking in one direction.

David continues to speak and to share with audiences around the US and Canada. He speaks to those as young as kindergarten, to high school students. He speaks to colleges, spiritual groups, and communities who invite him to teach.

David speaks about

  • The Star Teachings, Spiritual Teachings & Technologies

  • Traditional Storytelling and Prophecies

  • History, Math, & Science

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